Life in San Francisco

Hello. After a 11 hour flight I landed in San Francisco.
While staying in the best hotel in the city centre, I very much enjoyed sightseeing a exploring the city. Alcatraz Island, Coit Tower, Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf and the bridges are a must-see!
San Francisco has a lot to offer, very interesting streets, people, bridges, food, wildlife, culture.
I was also very lucky to visit Silicon Valley which is nearby it is full of cool people and very intelligent people. It feels like no one is there by accident. These people rule the world. Headquarters of the biggest companies are just right here. 
It’s a happy place, very well looked after, with very green parks and nice places to relax and shop. 
I enjoyed every minute both in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Hot place, friendly people, and, I almost forgot- the best wine in the world. 
Looking forward to visit again…:)

Beauty of San Francisco

It’s a city of high tech and really cool people. What I learned here is that jacket is your best friend, no matter how warm it might feel. There can be significant temperature differences, because of it’s location.
I really loved my Summer walks there. Forever sunny place with absolutely amazing views. Restaurants serve delicious seafood, salads and my favourite Californian wine. People are super friendly and it was great to hear some really interesting stories. This city has so much to offer, so I keep returning! 

Walking on Sunshine in Australia

Wow. That was a long trip. Anyone who has taken the London-Sydney flight knows what I am talking about. 🙂 Lucky I had great company on this trip!
Once I boarded the plane at 2200 on Wednesday… I felt like entering some special time machine… I was on the move for over 20 hours… Landed in Sydney at 7am on Friday local time. I left cold and wet England and arrived in a very warm Australia. Such a nice change. From my hotel room I could see the marina, the ships were leaving every day… From 33rd floor I was able to see a lot. The Opera, the Harbour Bridge. Australian people have good sense of humour. I like this place…. 🙂 Walking on sunshine. Listening to the birds. Smelling flowers in the park. Taking photos, eating best food, watching the world go by. 
I was also invited to Tasmania and jumped at the chance. This is the most beautiful place at the very end of the world I have ever seen. A very private house on the beach made me feel like a special guest on this beautiful island. I was completely pampered. The sound of waves was waking me up and the smell of fireplace and glass of lovely Tasmanian wine was making me relaxed at the end of the day. I guess I am addicted to traveling. 
Next stop: Dubai.

Evening walks in Paris

Paris… Why I love Paris so much……
Culture…? Food…? Maybe the freedom that this city offers? Or shopping? One thing I know for sure. Paris is my favourite place. Fashion is amazing and people seem to be very much into it. I like evening walks on Champs Elysees, on gardens du Luxemburg. To enjoy the coffee near Notre Dame. A night drive though the city and a bottle of good wine in the Cinq du Codet hotel that makes sure I am the happiest person in this world.
Paris, I will be back for sure. Soon.

Home in Italia

Everyone that have visited Italy must know that food and culture is one of the top in this world.
We spend a lifetime traveling but it’s not easy to find the place where we feel like home and we get to eat the best food and drink the best wine. 
What a city. What a culture. People make you feel like home, they chat to you like to an old friend, and they pour you one of the best wines in the world. The architecture in the city is so beautiful, even though it’s all related to the catholic church, I still enjoyed visiting places and admiring the beauty of the buildings. 
A city located near mountains, full of friendly people, and they also make sure that every guest is fed and gets to drink delicious local wine while staying in Italy. The mountains are beautiful and I always like to visit during the winter. Skiing is an amazing sport and gives so much freedom.
Italy is one of my favourite places to visit, no doubt… 
I always like to go back there.