Life in San Francisco

Hello. After a 11 hour flight I landed in San Francisco.
While staying in the best hotel in the city centre, I very much enjoyed sightseeing a exploring the city. Alcatraz Island, Coit Tower, Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf and the bridges are a must-see!
San Francisco has a lot to offer, very interesting streets, people, bridges, food, wildlife, culture.
I was also very lucky to visit Silicon Valley which is nearby it is full of cool people and very intelligent people. It feels like no one is there by accident. These people rule the world. Headquarters of the biggest companies are just right here. 
It’s a happy place, very well looked after, with very green parks and nice places to relax and shop. 
I enjoyed every minute both in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Hot place, friendly people, and, I almost forgot- the best wine in the world. 
Looking forward to visit again…:)

Becoming a Cubs fans

The Windy City is a busy and adverse metropolis. Sport traditions seem to be very strong in the city. But before I made my way to baseball game, I have gone to explore a bit of town centre.

Tried to visit Willis Tower, unfortunately the clouds were too low and big part of the building was hidden. Maybe next time. I spent time exploring Millennium Park, Magnificent Mile and some local restaurants. Then off to Cubs game. Unfortunately the weather was not great as thunderstorm was interrupting the game. I still had so much fun in Chicago!

My favorite American city: Salt Lake City

My favourite place in US. Why? I am not sure. Maybe kind people that stop me on the street to tell me that they like my dress, or the stunning mountains and the lake.

Definitely something brings me back here. In Spring, you can find seas of flowers in city centre, in Winter, it’s a very popular skiing destination. Speaking of skiing, next Winter I am coming back to try ski tracks!

Life in Las Vegas

I thought that August in London is warm, until I landed in Vegas! Absolutely cooking hot! I still don’t quite understand how people were able to sit in direct sunlight by the pool, but me with my heat-phobia I was in the shade as much as I could. Vegas is always the same. Never sleeps, and there is so much to do on the Strip. It’s a different type of lace to the one I would normally go for, but once in a lifetime you must visit Vegas! I played Roulette once and quickly walked away from the table as I figured out I am useless at gambling!
Drinks in the Chandelier bar were much more fun. From the most memorable things I have seen is the show Cirque du Soleil “Eau”. Left me totally speechless. Grand canyon was a fun day, I could not stop admiring the beauty and the size of it. Weekend in Joshua tree was a perfect escape from buzzing city, so I read books in outdoor jacuzzi and had plenty of time to enjoy my yoga practice, cooking and observing the wildlife. 
Still wondering how these fluffy bunnies put up with 45’C heat. 

Aimee sunning in Florida

It has been an amazing trip. People here are so kind. So friendly. Guess I could stay here forever.
Seafood, fresh fish and the best vegetables in the world. Boats are coming and leaving. Fancy cars and happy people walking their dogs. Best restaurants. Perfect weather. Could I ask for more?

Seems like the time has stopped for a while. I love England, but it is always good to see the rest of the world. To learn about the culture and lifestyle. Florida is definitely a state of happy people.

The flights from London is 9 hours. But it’s worth it. Delicious wine served on first class made me feel very relaxed and not thinking about how long the journey is. Once I arrived in Florida, it was such beautiful feeling to smell the fresh air and feel the sun on my skin. I am so much used to English weather, I like it a lot, but who does not enjoy a glass of bubbles by the pool? 🙂

It was so good to stay in one of the top hotels: the service they provide, the way they look after me, always make me feel like a princess. Maybe it’s nice to become one, from time to time 🙂
Till next time.

Aimee in San Diego

Hi. Nice to be here. San Diego is so beautiful. Seeing seals relaxing on the beach.. then drinking delicious local wine. Walking on the promenade and listening to the sound of the ocean. Watching surfers. I love it. People seem to be happy, relaxed. They do running, walking. They appreciate every day they get. 
If I was to live in US, I guess I would have been like one of them 🙂 Walking my dog, sipping lemonade. Surfing. And eating the best sea food obviously.
Every trip is special. US is a great place and has so much to offer. 
Very blue water and such colourful flowers. Definitely one of my favourite places in the world.