Beauty of San Francisco

It’s a city of high tech and really cool people. What I learned here is that jacket is your best friend, no matter how warm it might feel. There can be significant temperature differences, because of it’s location.
I really loved my Summer walks there. Forever sunny place with absolutely amazing views. Restaurants serve delicious seafood, salads and my favourite Californian wine. People are super friendly and it was great to hear some really interesting stories. This city has so much to offer, so I keep returning! 

Stockholm at 3am

I keep coming back to Sweden, and every time I discover something new. One thing that is not changing is that it’s an expensive place. This time I spent some time visiting the Skansen. I might be strange, but I certainly not head for the bars and clubs. I prefer to appreciate the architecture, wildlife and gardens. 
I can never get bored of walks around the Old Town, and by the water. I love shrimps and seafood in Sweden, and I love that everyone speaks English! Experiencing white nights was such weird and yet interesting feeling, I woke up at 3am and it was bright outside! Scandinavia is beautiful. I can never decide about my next destination, although very often Fly me to you decides for me which is great!!