I must admit that it was one of the most spontaneous decisions in my travelling experience. I love Vietnamese food and one day, while having lunch with my friend, we just came up with the idea of going to Vietnam. Same night we looked at ticket, options and in no time our trip was booked! Flights were incredibly cheap, but we couldn’t figure out why. It turned out that Chinese New Year week and tourists avoid that time. We still went, and had wonderful time!

Ho Chi Minh was so colourful, decorations were all over the town. On the main square we found exhibition made of flowers, and there were mostly dog-shaped creatures, as the coming year is the year of dog. People dress up in traditional outfits and with whole families go out and gather to celebrate coming year. It was a very interesting experience, as in west we drink and party – for them it’s a family time, cooking traditional food and spending time outside. The most challenging thing I found was crossing the road. Never seen so many motorbikes, that won’t stop stop and let you cross. History of Vietnam is very long and very tough, so visiting National Vietnam Museum is a must. People are kind, and food is absolutely delicious! Weather was hot and humid, so when you consider travelling to Vietnam make sure you wear hat and use a lot of sun screen. Trip to Mekong Delta was such new experience. And those market on boats.. Different world to what we are used to here in Europe. Yet very exotic and wonderful.