Back in Australia!

Sydney nice to visit again! I missed this beautiful place with the best wildlife in the world! 
Sydney is as always- vibrant , sunny and there is always something to do. This time I managed to deal much better with jet lag since I have done many long haul flights in the past few years, I learned some tips and tricks. I love animals, so this time I decided to go to Taronga Zoo. Such great experience to see so many animals that I have never seen before. Koalas are obviously the cutest! Ferry ride to the ZOO allowed me to see Sydney from a bit different perspective than usual. Opera House, Harbour Bridge, always look spectacular no matter how many times you will visit!
I so much enjoyed a long walk from Bondi to Tamarama Beach. Watching surfers riding the waves in this super cold water was fun! After hanging out in Sydney for a week, I took a flight to 
Melbourne, which is such a different city to what I already have seen in this country. There really is something for everyone here, no matter what your budget and tastes are. So many restaurants, that every choice was difficult as they are all great and they serve delicious food! I didn’t know that coffee is such popular drink in Melbourne! Locals are super friendly people and they were always happy to share some useful tips. I found this city very modern, European style and I loved the mixture of old and new buildings. Queen  Victoria market is a must see. What I loved the most was inexpensive fresh seafood! Yum! Royal Botanic Gardens is a great place to admire wildlife and beautiful greenery. State Library Victoria is the place that I won’t forget for a very long time. Seeing so many people in one place that are being so silent and read, was pretty unique view. 
City has so much to offer. Don’t forget to take a ride with the old local tram! That was fun! After flight to Sydney, I enjoyed some more seafood on the famous fish market, then went for a glass of wine in Horizon Bar Shangri La hotel and enjoyed the beautiful view from the 36th floor! Time to pack bags, flight to London is next day! 

Aimee in Berlin

 I always wanted to visit Germany. I was very lucky to see Berlin. Staying in Ritz-Carlton made my trip a total bliss. I found a hidden pool with the steam room that I used a lot  🙂. It was nice to sneak in and swim while sipping champagne. This hotel is one of the best in the world, providing such great service, they really looked after us and made sure we have everything we wanted. But, somehow…… I am already used to it;-)
I enjoyed the great central location as well as the interesting mix of buildings. There are plenty of nice restaurants and it’s a good place for shopping. Above that, I really enjoyed seeing Brandenburg Gate and obviously Potsdamer Platz where we were staying. 
Would definitely love to visit again!

Beach and sun in Tenerife

Tenerife is a very interesting island. It’s a mixture of young party people and a masses of retire British people on holiday:)
The island itself is beautiful, and it has lots things to offer.
Adeje is a very popular place and the beaches with their golden sands are beautiful. There are plenty of restaurants and walks all the way along the beach. Seafood here is delicious. I could stay here and dine forever 🙂
It was so nice to climb Teide Volcano, I so much love outdoors activity, it was the best day there. But spending nice afternoons sipping champagne are not bad either! Fresh fruit and sea breeze.. 

Yes, that’s what you need. And of course, hours spent by the swimming pool completely recharged my batteries smiling face with open mouth

Tenerife is not as much around the corner’ as most of places in Europe, but it’s definitely worth visiting.
Relax and enjoy the beautiful sunsets and forget everything…:)