Life in San Francisco

Hello. After a 11 hour flight I landed in San Francisco.
While staying in the best hotel in the city centre, I very much enjoyed sightseeing a exploring the city. Alcatraz Island, Coit Tower, Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf and the bridges are a must-see!
San Francisco has a lot to offer, very interesting streets, people, bridges, food, wildlife, culture.
I was also very lucky to visit Silicon Valley which is nearby it is full of cool people and very intelligent people. It feels like no one is there by accident. These people rule the world. Headquarters of the biggest companies are just right here. 
It’s a happy place, very well looked after, with very green parks and nice places to relax and shop. 
I enjoyed every minute both in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Hot place, friendly people, and, I almost forgot- the best wine in the world. 
Looking forward to visit again…:)

Beauty of San Francisco

It’s a city of high tech and really cool people. What I learned here is that jacket is your best friend, no matter how warm it might feel. There can be significant temperature differences, because of it’s location.
I really loved my Summer walks there. Forever sunny place with absolutely amazing views. Restaurants serve delicious seafood, salads and my favourite Californian wine. People are super friendly and it was great to hear some really interesting stories. This city has so much to offer, so I keep returning! 

Aimee in San Diego

Hi. Nice to be here. San Diego is so beautiful. Seeing seals relaxing on the beach.. then drinking delicious local wine. Walking on the promenade and listening to the sound of the ocean. Watching surfers. I love it. People seem to be happy, relaxed. They do running, walking. They appreciate every day they get. 
If I was to live in US, I guess I would have been like one of them 🙂 Walking my dog, sipping lemonade. Surfing. And eating the best sea food obviously.
Every trip is special. US is a great place and has so much to offer. 
Very blue water and such colourful flowers. Definitely one of my favourite places in the world.