Vietnam on a whim

I must admit that it was one of the most spontaneous decisions in my travelling experience. I love Vietnamese food and one day, while having lunch with my friend, we just came up with the idea of going to Vietnam. Same night we looked at ticket, options and in no time our trip was booked! Flights were incredibly cheap, but we couldn’t figure out why. It turned out that Chinese New Year week and tourists avoid that time. We still went, and had wonderful time!

Ho Chi Minh was so colourful, decorations were all over the town. On the main square we found exhibition made of flowers, and there were mostly dog-shaped creatures, as the coming year is the year of dog. People dress up in traditional outfits and with whole families go out and gather to celebrate coming year. It was a very interesting experience, as in west we drink and party – for them it’s a family time, cooking traditional food and spending time outside. The most challenging thing I found was crossing the road. Never seen so many motorbikes, that won’t stop stop and let you cross. History of Vietnam is very long and very tough, so visiting National Vietnam Museum is a must. People are kind, and food is absolutely delicious! Weather was hot and humid, so when you consider travelling to Vietnam make sure you wear hat and use a lot of sun screen. Trip to Mekong Delta was such new experience. And those market on boats.. Different world to what we are used to here in Europe. Yet very exotic and wonderful. 

Returning to Japan

I have been to Japan in Spring, and I have felt like I have not seen enough so I returned in Autumn. I love Asia, but there is something special about Japan that makes me want to keep coming back. At first I thought that language barrier will make it difficult, but it turned out that it’s not a problem. Japanese people are really helpful and they are doing their best to make communication possible even if it means speaking to a translator on the phone. I had so much fun with these people who at first seem to be very reserved, but inside they are really warm and friendly.

Tokyo is a great big city, very crowded, yet organised at the same time. I will never forget queuing for boarding the train. Everything is in the right order and that’s what we would need in London:) People are very clean, trains are spotless, city is very safe and everyone works hard. Food is delicious. especially ramen! I enjoyed visiting Shinjuku, Shibuya 109 with the massive road crossings. I also remember that it was the time when new iPhone was released and queues outside Apple store for the phone collection was just endless. After 60 people have stopped counting!

After visiting beautiful Gardens and shrines I took a ride with bullet train to Kyoto! It seems to be more touristy, but it’s full of shrines and temples, I particularly liked Fushimi Inari Shrine and Kinkankuji temple. Did a trip to Osaka where i enjoyed seeing castles and trying local food, and of course Hiroshima and Mijajima island to see Inari shrine where views are stunning, and Atomic bomb museum which is not big, but it is a must see. Sitting in the park looking at the Dome was such memorable feeling. When I arrived in Nagasaki I went to the Peace memorial Park and watched children beautifully singing and paying respect to those who died in bombings.
Japan is very cultural place and people always remember the history, they take care of their country, they don’t even wear shoes at home. I guess we still have a lot to learn… 

First trip to Asia

This was one of my first destinations that I have visited that are really far away.
I started to love flying!
When I used to enjoy spending holiday on the beach, it was a heaven for me. Nowadays I avoid the sun and sunbathing in order to protect my skin:)
My choice of destination was quite random, but I really like it when I got there. I immediately fell in love with Thai people. Their kindness is something that grabbed my heart. They have stunning beaches and delicious food, but their culture was something I admired the most. 
I have been hanging around on Chaweng and Lamai beach, as well as visiting the shrines and embracing the local lifestyle. 
The place is considered as paradise. Well, for tourists definitely is. Locals don’t have the easiest life, but they are very appreciative and respectful. 
I remember being served in the restaurant by a local ladyboy and I was thinking to myself: how cool! How nice that they can express themselves the way they want and no one makes a problem out of it. 
I hope i can visit Asia more often, there is so much to do, so much to see, and the culture and people are fantastic.