One thing I have learnt over the years, is that companionship is so much more than just having the right look or offering particular services’. It is about truly making a connection that lasts. The time to learn what makes us laugh, the time to learn how our touch works best. It all takes time.

So I much prefer spending time getting to know my new benefactors so that we can make the most of our adventures together and for that reason I am only available for 2 hours or more.

I am a people person’ and getting to know new friends is exciting. Every person on this planet is unique and wonderful; everyone has a story to share, a life experience that I can learn from.

Everyday I learn something new. I love being a companion, I understand that offering entertainment is much more than being an attractive female and having expensive clothes. This is why you will find many escorts come and go but professional courtesans are hard to find.