Home in Italia

Everyone that have visited Italy must know that food and culture is one of the top in this world.
We spend a lifetime traveling but it’s not easy to find the place where we feel like home and we get to eat the best food and drink the best wine. 
What a city. What a culture. People make you feel like home, they chat to you like to an old friend, and they pour you one of the best wines in the world. The architecture in the city is so beautiful, even though it’s all related to the catholic church, I still enjoyed visiting places and admiring the beauty of the buildings. 
A city located near mountains, full of friendly people, and they also make sure that every guest is fed and gets to drink delicious local wine while staying in Italy. The mountains are beautiful and I always like to visit during the winter. Skiing is an amazing sport and gives so much freedom.
Italy is one of my favourite places to visit, no doubt… 
I always like to go back there. 

Sunning in Ibiza

Hello Spain!
Such beautiful weather here! The most beautiful beaches and the best restaurants! It’s a party island although I like to keep a little quiet and enjoy the silence and the sound of the waves. Nice to watch the party people going out.
I chose the option to stay on a boat and sip champagne, listen to the sound of the sea, and eat the best seafood.. White sand, and warm water in the sea… as well as in the swimming pool in our hotel. I couldn’t ask for more….

Wild South Africa

I enjoy flying South, as that package does not include jet lag. 🙂 Visit in Johannesburg was interesting, as it’s a lovely city, but, unfortunately, considered as not very safe. Local restaurants serve the most amazing food and wine. The fact that you can eat ostrich curry or antelope steak for a dinner is reminding you that you really are in Africa.

After few days of exploring the city, there was the time to go to the bush. The lodge was in the middle of nowhere, and from the pool I enjoyed the view on elephants that were visiting their favourite little pond. Witnessing cheetah hunting for antelope made me feel so excited, but nervous at the same time. Such things I have seen only on NAT GEO channel and now I see it happening literally in front of me. Hoping to repeat one day!

Timeout in Amsterdam

Amsterdam is a Northern Venice” with 1500 bridges and over 100 km of canals. City of a million bikes. Metropolis, where the smell of marijuana is rising, and from the red-glowed windows of the windows look girls in underwear or without.
In Amsterdam you can find what you are looking for and see the face of the city you want to see. Beautiful townhouses with flowered windows and porches.  Colorfully dressed smiling Amsterdamers or beggars and prostitutes with all possible shades of skin. The van Gogh Museum or the cluttered erotic theater, in which live acts are performed feminine-feminine, male-male and mixed.
You can find all you want in this city. People are friendly and it’s so good to spend the afternoon on a boat in one of the canals. While traveling I love to visit places, but I mostly love to relax, enjoy the sun and spend quality time with the person I am traveling with.
It hope I can visit this city again!

Beach and sun in Tenerife

Tenerife is a very interesting island. It’s a mixture of young party people and a masses of retire British people on holiday:)
The island itself is beautiful, and it has lots things to offer.
Adeje is a very popular place and the beaches with their golden sands are beautiful. There are plenty of restaurants and walks all the way along the beach. Seafood here is delicious. I could stay here and dine forever 🙂
It was so nice to climb Teide Volcano, I so much love outdoors activity, it was the best day there. But spending nice afternoons sipping champagne are not bad either! Fresh fruit and sea breeze.. 

Yes, that’s what you need. And of course, hours spent by the swimming pool completely recharged my batteries smiling face with open mouth

Tenerife is not as much around the corner’ as most of places in Europe, but it’s definitely worth visiting.
Relax and enjoy the beautiful sunsets and forget everything…:)

Spring in Barcelona

Barcelona…. A city with soul, with lots of museums, art, fountains, palm trees… Happy people, tapas and best sangria in the world. Visiting Sagrada Familia, Casa Batllo and of course, famous Las Ramblas was an amazing experience. This city is the best for those who like to dine out while enjoying sunshine, watch the sea and breathe the fresh sea air.
La Sagrada Familia, the symbol of Barcelona, is Antonio Gaudi’s greatest work, to which he worked until his tragic death in 1926. The work is still unfinished, which is followed by another generation of outstanding architects and artists. Definitely worth buying a ticket to see the interior of the cathedral. Beautiful game of lights and amazing shapes of columns and vaults, a testament to Gaudi’s genius. When you are in Barcelona, you just can’t miss it. 
Las Ramblas: If you like people watching, get a table at a restaurant and watch the world go by especially entertaining was watching the police play cat and mouse with the guys illegally selling fakes on the streets, moving them on as they scrabbled to gather their fake designer handbags into their bundled blankets. It was fun to watch the fake sellers hiding on the steps of the Metro and waiting for the police to turn their backs only to come back out and start selling again. If you like people watching, La Rambla can be an experience.
Casa Batllo: I cannot fathom the mind of Gaudi, but I know he must have had a beautiful soul, intense imagination and one heck of a work ethic. It’s hard to describe this home. The craftwork is gorgeous. I wish I could live here!
It was so nice to visit Barcelona. Would love to go there again…. 

First trip to Asia

This was one of my first destinations that I have visited that are really far away.
I started to love flying!
When I used to enjoy spending holiday on the beach, it was a heaven for me. Nowadays I avoid the sun and sunbathing in order to protect my skin:)
My choice of destination was quite random, but I really like it when I got there. I immediately fell in love with Thai people. Their kindness is something that grabbed my heart. They have stunning beaches and delicious food, but their culture was something I admired the most. 
I have been hanging around on Chaweng and Lamai beach, as well as visiting the shrines and embracing the local lifestyle. 
The place is considered as paradise. Well, for tourists definitely is. Locals don’t have the easiest life, but they are very appreciative and respectful. 
I remember being served in the restaurant by a local ladyboy and I was thinking to myself: how cool! How nice that they can express themselves the way they want and no one makes a problem out of it. 
I hope i can visit Asia more often, there is so much to do, so much to see, and the culture and people are fantastic.