Fun and sun in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is all about The Rock. I spent weekend there and loved the place and history. And views… 
I was mostly relaxing and walking around in town, but I definitely recommend visiting famous Rock and monkeys. From Gibraltar you can see Morocco and Spain, quite unusual, but so interesting. i loved sipping champagne on top of the hotel and watching planes come and go.
Airport is tiny and the the road cuts the runaway so they need to shut the road while plane is landing or taking off. Such a funny little country, but has so much to offer! I will return! 

Aimee sunning in Florida

It has been an amazing trip. People here are so kind. So friendly. Guess I could stay here forever.
Seafood, fresh fish and the best vegetables in the world. Boats are coming and leaving. Fancy cars and happy people walking their dogs. Best restaurants. Perfect weather. Could I ask for more?

Seems like the time has stopped for a while. I love England, but it is always good to see the rest of the world. To learn about the culture and lifestyle. Florida is definitely a state of happy people.

The flights from London is 9 hours. But it’s worth it. Delicious wine served on first class made me feel very relaxed and not thinking about how long the journey is. Once I arrived in Florida, it was such beautiful feeling to smell the fresh air and feel the sun on my skin. I am so much used to English weather, I like it a lot, but who does not enjoy a glass of bubbles by the pool? 🙂

It was so good to stay in one of the top hotels: the service they provide, the way they look after me, always make me feel like a princess. Maybe it’s nice to become one, from time to time 🙂
Till next time.

Aimee in San Diego

Hi. Nice to be here. San Diego is so beautiful. Seeing seals relaxing on the beach.. then drinking delicious local wine. Walking on the promenade and listening to the sound of the ocean. Watching surfers. I love it. People seem to be happy, relaxed. They do running, walking. They appreciate every day they get. 
If I was to live in US, I guess I would have been like one of them 🙂 Walking my dog, sipping lemonade. Surfing. And eating the best sea food obviously.
Every trip is special. US is a great place and has so much to offer. 
Very blue water and such colourful flowers. Definitely one of my favourite places in the world.

Aimee in Berlin

 I always wanted to visit Germany. I was very lucky to see Berlin. Staying in Ritz-Carlton made my trip a total bliss. I found a hidden pool with the steam room that I used a lot  🙂. It was nice to sneak in and swim while sipping champagne. This hotel is one of the best in the world, providing such great service, they really looked after us and made sure we have everything we wanted. But, somehow…… I am already used to it;-)
I enjoyed the great central location as well as the interesting mix of buildings. There are plenty of nice restaurants and it’s a good place for shopping. Above that, I really enjoyed seeing Brandenburg Gate and obviously Potsdamer Platz where we were staying. 
Would definitely love to visit again!

Warm in Stockholm

Stockholm- busy, little city with the best coffee and culture, as well as canals, food and drinks. Swedish people are so friendly, so kind. They are also very good looking. I so much adore their colour of eyes, of hair. They are blessed.
After visiting Stockholm, I can confirm that it’s one of the most beautiful cities in Europe.  The first thing that you notice about the city is just what a spectacular natural setting it has, set on hundreds of islands in a lagoon.  Stockholm’s old town, the Gamla Stan, is where you find the most beautiful architecture, characterized by its yellow buildings and cobblestones.

Sweden is a definitely place worth visiting. Especially when you stay in the top hotel and after doing a little bit of sightseeing and dining out, you can enjoy a long bath and a glass of bubbles in silence 🙂

Aimee visits Oslo

Oslo, full of happy people and an amazing landscapes. Norwegian people seemed to be a little bit reserved, but once you get to know them, they become your quality friends. They truly love to go out and spend time in bars and restaurants, especially since you can’t buy wine after 18:00, so the only one option is to go out if you want to have a drink:) 
Oslo is a very green, well looked after city. Fountains, museums, parks. You can feel very close to the nature and at the same time be in the busy city. 
National Opera and Ballet is a must-see. The fabulous thing about this place is the architecture, so modern and at the same time so unique, like nothing else seen anywhere. 
I stayed in a beautiful hotel in the heart of the city, very enjoyable experience, and would be very happy to visit Oslo again.

Italian island affair: Sardinia

Another beautiful island in Italy that makes me want to come back for more. I remember arriving there, it was so hot, but yet so beautiful and green…  
I have stayed in a private villa with the swimming pool, so could enjoy a little bit of privacy while enjoying the sunshine and cold drinks 🙂
Sardinia reminds me of Ibiza, but seems like there is much less people who are there by accident, but more people who want to spend time eating the best sea food and drink delicious wine. 
It was so nice to spend time on the boat. So many boats in Sardinia. Seems like there is so much money floating on the water. And the funny financial police approaching them and checking if everything they have is legally earned. I really enjoyed my time there and wish I could go back. Italy is beautiful. 

Hot in Arabia

Hello. Have you ever visited Dubai? Abu Dhabi? No? Then you should. Leaving the plane felt like walking into the oven. 🙂 Such a hot place. It was Autumn, but 39.C made me melt in no time. Seemed like it wasn’t a warm time for local people, the pools were empty, restaurants were not busy. I still enjoyed it though. The hotel was absolutely stunning. Staff treat every guest so special, and make sure everyone is happy and have a pleasant stay. Food was delicious, especially the seafood… smiling face with open mouth I loved it.
Sipping the best herbal tea watching the sunset… Swimming in the pool. Enjoying the sun. Will definitely be back…. 

Walking on Sunshine in Australia

Wow. That was a long trip. Anyone who has taken the London-Sydney flight knows what I am talking about. 🙂 Lucky I had great company on this trip!
Once I boarded the plane at 2200 on Wednesday… I felt like entering some special time machine… I was on the move for over 20 hours… Landed in Sydney at 7am on Friday local time. I left cold and wet England and arrived in a very warm Australia. Such a nice change. From my hotel room I could see the marina, the ships were leaving every day… From 33rd floor I was able to see a lot. The Opera, the Harbour Bridge. Australian people have good sense of humour. I like this place…. 🙂 Walking on sunshine. Listening to the birds. Smelling flowers in the park. Taking photos, eating best food, watching the world go by. 
I was also invited to Tasmania and jumped at the chance. This is the most beautiful place at the very end of the world I have ever seen. A very private house on the beach made me feel like a special guest on this beautiful island. I was completely pampered. The sound of waves was waking me up and the smell of fireplace and glass of lovely Tasmanian wine was making me relaxed at the end of the day. I guess I am addicted to traveling. 
Next stop: Dubai.

Evening walks in Paris

Paris… Why I love Paris so much……
Culture…? Food…? Maybe the freedom that this city offers? Or shopping? One thing I know for sure. Paris is my favourite place. Fashion is amazing and people seem to be very much into it. I like evening walks on Champs Elysees, on gardens du Luxemburg. To enjoy the coffee near Notre Dame. A night drive though the city and a bottle of good wine in the Cinq du Codet hotel that makes sure I am the happiest person in this world.
Paris, I will be back for sure. Soon.