Back in Australia!

Sydney nice to visit again! I missed this beautiful place with the best wildlife in the world! 
Sydney is as always- vibrant , sunny and there is always something to do. This time I managed to deal much better with jet lag since I have done many long haul flights in the past few years, I learned some tips and tricks. I love animals, so this time I decided to go to Taronga Zoo. Such great experience to see so many animals that I have never seen before. Koalas are obviously the cutest! Ferry ride to the ZOO allowed me to see Sydney from a bit different perspective than usual. Opera House, Harbour Bridge, always look spectacular no matter how many times you will visit!
I so much enjoyed a long walk from Bondi to Tamarama Beach. Watching surfers riding the waves in this super cold water was fun! After hanging out in Sydney for a week, I took a flight to 
Melbourne, which is such a different city to what I already have seen in this country. There really is something for everyone here, no matter what your budget and tastes are. So many restaurants, that every choice was difficult as they are all great and they serve delicious food! I didn’t know that coffee is such popular drink in Melbourne! Locals are super friendly people and they were always happy to share some useful tips. I found this city very modern, European style and I loved the mixture of old and new buildings. Queen  Victoria market is a must see. What I loved the most was inexpensive fresh seafood! Yum! Royal Botanic Gardens is a great place to admire wildlife and beautiful greenery. State Library Victoria is the place that I won’t forget for a very long time. Seeing so many people in one place that are being so silent and read, was pretty unique view. 
City has so much to offer. Don’t forget to take a ride with the old local tram! That was fun! After flight to Sydney, I enjoyed some more seafood on the famous fish market, then went for a glass of wine in Horizon Bar Shangri La hotel and enjoyed the beautiful view from the 36th floor! Time to pack bags, flight to London is next day! 

Exploring the English countryside

England. Yes! Hiking is fantastic! Day out in Lulworth was a great idea. It takes a while to get to Durdle Door, but once I got there… The view is breathtaking.

Beautiful beaches surrounded by cliffs and endless greenery. “The magnificent natural limestone arch was formed when the power of the waves eroded the the middle. The name Durdle is derived from an old English word “thirl”, which mean to pierce or drill.” I love Dorset, it’s such a beautiful part of of the country. Still so much to explore! 

Life in San Francisco

Hello. After a 11 hour flight I landed in San Francisco.
While staying in the best hotel in the city centre, I very much enjoyed sightseeing a exploring the city. Alcatraz Island, Coit Tower, Chinatown, Fisherman’s Wharf and the bridges are a must-see!
San Francisco has a lot to offer, very interesting streets, people, bridges, food, wildlife, culture.
I was also very lucky to visit Silicon Valley which is nearby it is full of cool people and very intelligent people. It feels like no one is there by accident. These people rule the world. Headquarters of the biggest companies are just right here. 
It’s a happy place, very well looked after, with very green parks and nice places to relax and shop. 
I enjoyed every minute both in San Francisco and Silicon Valley. Hot place, friendly people, and, I almost forgot- the best wine in the world. 
Looking forward to visit again…:)

Vietnam on a whim

I must admit that it was one of the most spontaneous decisions in my travelling experience. I love Vietnamese food and one day, while having lunch with my friend, we just came up with the idea of going to Vietnam. Same night we looked at ticket, options and in no time our trip was booked! Flights were incredibly cheap, but we couldn’t figure out why. It turned out that Chinese New Year week and tourists avoid that time. We still went, and had wonderful time!

Ho Chi Minh was so colourful, decorations were all over the town. On the main square we found exhibition made of flowers, and there were mostly dog-shaped creatures, as the coming year is the year of dog. People dress up in traditional outfits and with whole families go out and gather to celebrate coming year. It was a very interesting experience, as in west we drink and party – for them it’s a family time, cooking traditional food and spending time outside. The most challenging thing I found was crossing the road. Never seen so many motorbikes, that won’t stop stop and let you cross. History of Vietnam is very long and very tough, so visiting National Vietnam Museum is a must. People are kind, and food is absolutely delicious! Weather was hot and humid, so when you consider travelling to Vietnam make sure you wear hat and use a lot of sun screen. Trip to Mekong Delta was such new experience. And those market on boats.. Different world to what we are used to here in Europe. Yet very exotic and wonderful. 

Returning to Japan

I have been to Japan in Spring, and I have felt like I have not seen enough so I returned in Autumn. I love Asia, but there is something special about Japan that makes me want to keep coming back. At first I thought that language barrier will make it difficult, but it turned out that it’s not a problem. Japanese people are really helpful and they are doing their best to make communication possible even if it means speaking to a translator on the phone. I had so much fun with these people who at first seem to be very reserved, but inside they are really warm and friendly.

Tokyo is a great big city, very crowded, yet organised at the same time. I will never forget queuing for boarding the train. Everything is in the right order and that’s what we would need in London:) People are very clean, trains are spotless, city is very safe and everyone works hard. Food is delicious. especially ramen! I enjoyed visiting Shinjuku, Shibuya 109 with the massive road crossings. I also remember that it was the time when new iPhone was released and queues outside Apple store for the phone collection was just endless. After 60 people have stopped counting!

After visiting beautiful Gardens and shrines I took a ride with bullet train to Kyoto! It seems to be more touristy, but it’s full of shrines and temples, I particularly liked Fushimi Inari Shrine and Kinkankuji temple. Did a trip to Osaka where i enjoyed seeing castles and trying local food, and of course Hiroshima and Mijajima island to see Inari shrine where views are stunning, and Atomic bomb museum which is not big, but it is a must see. Sitting in the park looking at the Dome was such memorable feeling. When I arrived in Nagasaki I went to the Peace memorial Park and watched children beautifully singing and paying respect to those who died in bombings.
Japan is very cultural place and people always remember the history, they take care of their country, they don’t even wear shoes at home. I guess we still have a lot to learn… 

Becoming a Cubs fans

The Windy City is a busy and adverse metropolis. Sport traditions seem to be very strong in the city. But before I made my way to baseball game, I have gone to explore a bit of town centre.

Tried to visit Willis Tower, unfortunately the clouds were too low and big part of the building was hidden. Maybe next time. I spent time exploring Millennium Park, Magnificent Mile and some local restaurants. Then off to Cubs game. Unfortunately the weather was not great as thunderstorm was interrupting the game. I still had so much fun in Chicago!

Beauty of San Francisco

It’s a city of high tech and really cool people. What I learned here is that jacket is your best friend, no matter how warm it might feel. There can be significant temperature differences, because of it’s location.
I really loved my Summer walks there. Forever sunny place with absolutely amazing views. Restaurants serve delicious seafood, salads and my favourite Californian wine. People are super friendly and it was great to hear some really interesting stories. This city has so much to offer, so I keep returning! 

My favorite American city: Salt Lake City

My favourite place in US. Why? I am not sure. Maybe kind people that stop me on the street to tell me that they like my dress, or the stunning mountains and the lake.

Definitely something brings me back here. In Spring, you can find seas of flowers in city centre, in Winter, it’s a very popular skiing destination. Speaking of skiing, next Winter I am coming back to try ski tracks!

Life in Las Vegas

I thought that August in London is warm, until I landed in Vegas! Absolutely cooking hot! I still don’t quite understand how people were able to sit in direct sunlight by the pool, but me with my heat-phobia I was in the shade as much as I could. Vegas is always the same. Never sleeps, and there is so much to do on the Strip. It’s a different type of lace to the one I would normally go for, but once in a lifetime you must visit Vegas! I played Roulette once and quickly walked away from the table as I figured out I am useless at gambling!
Drinks in the Chandelier bar were much more fun. From the most memorable things I have seen is the show Cirque du Soleil “Eau”. Left me totally speechless. Grand canyon was a fun day, I could not stop admiring the beauty and the size of it. Weekend in Joshua tree was a perfect escape from buzzing city, so I read books in outdoor jacuzzi and had plenty of time to enjoy my yoga practice, cooking and observing the wildlife. 
Still wondering how these fluffy bunnies put up with 45’C heat. 

Stockholm at 3am

I keep coming back to Sweden, and every time I discover something new. One thing that is not changing is that it’s an expensive place. This time I spent some time visiting the Skansen. I might be strange, but I certainly not head for the bars and clubs. I prefer to appreciate the architecture, wildlife and gardens. 
I can never get bored of walks around the Old Town, and by the water. I love shrimps and seafood in Sweden, and I love that everyone speaks English! Experiencing white nights was such weird and yet interesting feeling, I woke up at 3am and it was bright outside! Scandinavia is beautiful. I can never decide about my next destination, although very often Fly me to you decides for me which is great!!