I thought that August in London is warm, until I landed in Vegas! Absolutely cooking hot! I still don’t quite understand how people were able to sit in direct sunlight by the pool, but me with my heat-phobia I was in the shade as much as I could. Vegas is always the same. Never sleeps, and there is so much to do on the Strip. It’s a different type of lace to the one I would normally go for, but once in a lifetime you must visit Vegas! I played Roulette once and quickly walked away from the table as I figured out I am useless at gambling!
Drinks in the Chandelier bar were much more fun. From the most memorable things I have seen is the show Cirque du Soleil “Eau”. Left me totally speechless. Grand canyon was a fun day, I could not stop admiring the beauty and the size of it. Weekend in Joshua tree was a perfect escape from buzzing city, so I read books in outdoor jacuzzi and had plenty of time to enjoy my yoga practice, cooking and observing the wildlife. 
Still wondering how these fluffy bunnies put up with 45’C heat. 
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