Wow. That was a long trip. Anyone who has taken the London-Sydney flight knows what I am talking about. 🙂 Lucky I had great company on this trip!
Once I boarded the plane at 2200 on Wednesday… I felt like entering some special time machine… I was on the move for over 20 hours… Landed in Sydney at 7am on Friday local time. I left cold and wet England and arrived in a very warm Australia. Such a nice change. From my hotel room I could see the marina, the ships were leaving every day… From 33rd floor I was able to see a lot. The Opera, the Harbour Bridge. Australian people have good sense of humour. I like this place…. 🙂 Walking on sunshine. Listening to the birds. Smelling flowers in the park. Taking photos, eating best food, watching the world go by. 
I was also invited to Tasmania and jumped at the chance. This is the most beautiful place at the very end of the world I have ever seen. A very private house on the beach made me feel like a special guest on this beautiful island. I was completely pampered. The sound of waves was waking me up and the smell of fireplace and glass of lovely Tasmanian wine was making me relaxed at the end of the day. I guess I am addicted to traveling. 
Next stop: Dubai.
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