Everyone that have visited Italy must know that food and culture is one of the top in this world.
We spend a lifetime traveling but it’s not easy to find the place where we feel like home and we get to eat the best food and drink the best wine. 
What a city. What a culture. People make you feel like home, they chat to you like to an old friend, and they pour you one of the best wines in the world. The architecture in the city is so beautiful, even though it’s all related to the catholic church, I still enjoyed visiting places and admiring the beauty of the buildings. 
A city located near mountains, full of friendly people, and they also make sure that every guest is fed and gets to drink delicious local wine while staying in Italy. The mountains are beautiful and I always like to visit during the winter. Skiing is an amazing sport and gives so much freedom.
Italy is one of my favourite places to visit, no doubt… 
I always like to go back there. 
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