Amsterdam is a Northern Venice” with 1500 bridges and over 100 km of canals. City of a million bikes. Metropolis, where the smell of marijuana is rising, and from the red-glowed windows of the windows look girls in underwear or without.
In Amsterdam you can find what you are looking for and see the face of the city you want to see. Beautiful townhouses with flowered windows and porches.  Colorfully dressed smiling Amsterdamers or beggars and prostitutes with all possible shades of skin. The van Gogh Museum or the cluttered erotic theater, in which live acts are performed feminine-feminine, male-male and mixed.
You can find all you want in this city. People are friendly and it’s so good to spend the afternoon on a boat in one of the canals. While traveling I love to visit places, but I mostly love to relax, enjoy the sun and spend quality time with the person I am traveling with.
It hope I can visit this city again!
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