Tenerife is a very interesting island. It’s a mixture of young party people and a masses of retire British people on holiday:)
The island itself is beautiful, and it has lots things to offer.
Adeje is a very popular place and the beaches with their golden sands are beautiful. There are plenty of restaurants and walks all the way along the beach. Seafood here is delicious. I could stay here and dine forever 🙂
It was so nice to climb Teide Volcano, I so much love outdoors activity, it was the best day there. But spending nice afternoons sipping champagne are not bad either! Fresh fruit and sea breeze.. 

Yes, that’s what you need. And of course, hours spent by the swimming pool completely recharged my batteries smiling face with open mouth

Tenerife is not as much around the corner’ as most of places in Europe, but it’s definitely worth visiting.
Relax and enjoy the beautiful sunsets and forget everything…:)
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