This was one of my first destinations that I have visited that are really far away.
I started to love flying!
When I used to enjoy spending holiday on the beach, it was a heaven for me. Nowadays I avoid the sun and sunbathing in order to protect my skin:)
My choice of destination was quite random, but I really like it when I got there. I immediately fell in love with Thai people. Their kindness is something that grabbed my heart. They have stunning beaches and delicious food, but their culture was something I admired the most. 
I have been hanging around on Chaweng and Lamai beach, as well as visiting the shrines and embracing the local lifestyle. 
The place is considered as paradise. Well, for tourists definitely is. Locals don’t have the easiest life, but they are very appreciative and respectful. 
I remember being served in the restaurant by a local ladyboy and I was thinking to myself: how cool! How nice that they can express themselves the way they want and no one makes a problem out of it. 
I hope i can visit Asia more often, there is so much to do, so much to see, and the culture and people are fantastic.
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